Heard around campus

I gotta say I love overhearing the student conversations going on around me on campus.  They always add a bit of levity to my day.  Bus rides between classes are a particularly good place for them.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Probably after a class on food systems:

  • Student 1:  “Dude, I hear if you’re sick, you should go to McDonald’s for a burger.  There’s so much antibiotics left over in the meat it’ll like, knock out whatever you have.”
  • Student 2:  “No Dude.  They have super-bugs in the meat.  They’re pesticide resistant, so when you eat them you’ll become pesticide resistant too.”

On our modern times:

  • “So I asked this girl out on facebook, and she never responds.  Then the next day I see she’s updated her status to ‘Which boy should I go out with?’  I was so annoyed.”

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