New publications on the Golden State

I’ve lived in California since kindergarten.  After 22 years (!) in California’s public schools, I’m still enamoured of our beautiful, complex, troubled Golden State.

So, I’m very excited about these two new journals:

California Northern: A New Regionalism I’m working my way through the first two issues.  So far I’ve read the interview with Fresno-based author Mark Arax (whose book “West of the West: Dreamers, Believers, Builders and Killers” I really admire), and the beginning of a retrospective piece on Jerry Brown’s first governorship.  Next on the list is a “The Central Valley Islands: Charges of racial exclusion and neglect on Modesto’s fringe”and”Ending the water wars: Agribusiness and the Inland Empire want more water they don’t need.”

Boom: A Journal of California The first issue comes out next month. Full disclosure: yours truly will have a piece on the Central Valley in it, : ) but I’ve also signed up as a subscriber.

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