The week that was

This week I:
– traded stories over an impromptu lunch with an old friend and occasional collaborator.  It was a warm day in Berkeley, we ate outside, and I felt good.
– caught a swarm of bees!  Very satisfying except for the fact that it does not seem to want to stay put in its new home.
– participated in Greenaction’s first annual Walk for Environmental Justice in Golden Gate Park, and then had an apré-walk lunch with friends from the Inner Sunset farmer’s market. My friends traded stories of their favorite parasites (for the record, one was an ‘ant zombie fungus‘ and the other was a parasite that takes over the body of a snail, grows up through its eyes and sprouts little blinking lights at the top).
– celebrated my birthday! Twice!
– ate fresh berries at the UCSC farm and garden’s Strawberry and Justice Festival
– went to a lecture on how to save the world with simple pictures, but was unconvinced
– listened to the last podcast of my advisor’s “Contemporary Sociological Theory” class from last quarter and began the podcasts for his current class, “Environmental Inequalities.” Don’t you wish you were my driving companion?
– got some good advice about online advocacy from the genius in charge of Aspiration
– was given this fabulous update on on the Beany Baby, the Beany Ball bee:

6 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. yay! bees! an ENVS friend of mine is a very enthusiastic new beekeeper (and awesome gardener). let me know if you might want to network/swap stories with her. (:

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