The week that was

This week was more of a backward slide than a forward march.  I:

– rescheduled my office hours, cancelled a writing group, missed lecture, and cancelled a guest lecture

– went to the doctor’s office three times in two days

– convalesced by watching the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice (1995) – not to be confused with the more recent Keira Knightley version (which I also watched)

– Checked and made varying degrees of comments on 80 pieces of student work and taught two, two hour labs.

– was warmed by offers from friends and neighbors to buy my groceries, drop off movies, and clear a pile of branches from my back yard

– read articles on the dilemmas of increasing open access to scholarly knowledge here and here

– said to my lunch companion, “This is the life!” as we sat down to eat at the college cafeteria – not because the food is so great, but because the view is

– enjoyed this beautiful bunch of ranunculus in my bathroom

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