The spring break that was

This spring break I:

  • graded 180 one page essays and another 160 pages worth of research proposals
  • made my peace (I think) with my university’s intricate purchasing and hiring process…
  • gratefully watched my neighbors chop up and cart away the massive section of a redwood tree that made its way from their yard to mine during a big storm
  • read about the Wisconsin Republican Party’s attempt to get environmental historian William Cronon’s e-mail correspondence through a Freedom of Information Act request (here, and in his own words here)
  • expressed my undying thanks, again, to the geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar
  • worked on getting an article ready to send out for publication – after a much-needed kick in the pants from a former advisor
  • cancelled my day-trip to the hot springs in Big Sur after the highway between here and there fell into the ocean  : (
  • contemplated doing my taxes
  • watched an awesome movie about pastry chefs competing for France’s top pastry-chef honors.  The suspense almost killed me!
  • stocked my freezer with 6 jars of Vegetable Jalfrezi made from the recipe in this cookbook
  • cleaned and renovated my chicken coop, and moved in four adorable new little fluffballs!  : )

(inspired by my friend Annie’s regular The Week that Was posts on Bird and Little Bird)

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