New photo exhibit – HOUSING!

I have three photographs on display in a new, street-side photo exhibit on social justice issues related to housing that is now showing in Oakland, CA. I mean it when I say the exhibit is on the street – the brochure advertising the exhibit lists the location as, “Fence at 1229 23rd Ave.” The exhibit is put on by the following activist oriented groups: Class Conscious Photographers, A Working Lens Exhibitors, and the Eastside Arts Alliance. The opening reception took place on July 23rd, on the sidewalk.

One of my images speaks to redevelopment, gentrification and eviction in Washington DC. I took it as part of a larger project to document redevelopment in the neighborhoods adjacent to Buzzards Point. Two others depict historical and contemporary environmental threats to human health in San Joaquin Valley homes, especially in the form of contaminated drinking water. I took them as part of a larger project to document environmental justice activism in California (see here, here and here).

Drop by to check out the exhibit if you can. I’m very proud to be in the company of a group of excellent photographers sharing work on an important issue in this very public forum.

Photo by G. Sharat Lin