Spanish language teaching tools for environmental justice

Yesterday one of the excellent tech masters at UC Davis uploaded the most recent addition to the 25 Stories from the Central Valley website: Teaching tools in Spanish (click the ‘en español’ icon in the upper right corner if the link pulls up the English version).  The tools were designed to help college-level teachers introduce basic environmental justice concepts in the classroom, but I imagine some of them could be adapted to work in other settings as well.  Three of the tools depend on English-language documents and data available online, but I decided to include them also in the hopes that others might know of Spanish-language equivalents to use.  Enjoy!

Thank you to Mateo and Roy at Berkeley Interpreting, Transcription and Translation Services for doing the translation, to Silver Cruz for updating the website, to Ed Reed at the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment for getting it online, and to the UC Humanities Research Institute for paying for it!

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