A shout-out to the teachers

I count among my friends a number of people who work with teenagers: A Spanish teacher, a librarian, a social studies teacher, etc.  I’ve worked with teenagers in the past, and sometimes I miss it. When everything goes right, there’s a kind of life-changing intensity to their learning experiences that just doesn’t seem to happen as much with older students.  But in the end I’m always glad to be working at a university instead, especially on days like today. I got to talk with every single one of my students about the research projects they are putting together – what they think is important about them, how they want to shape them, what the ideas mean to them. I love seeing them so engaged.

Of course, teaching isn’t always fun.  Laughing at ourselves and the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in is a great coping technique!  If you’re a teacher, I hope these videos give you a laugh and a bit of energy to keep up the good work.  If you’re not, give a teacher you know a hug.

1. Cribs: Teacher Edition (The Daily Show)

2. Tom Cruise on Teaching Composition

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