Environmental justice syllabus collection

I think I’m the only person I know who collects syllabi for fun.  It’s not so different from the post-card collection I had as a kid, but in place of funny pictures of animals, this collection features long lists of reading.  What’s the appeal?  Well, for anyone who loves teaching, getting to see someone’s syllabus is like seeing a blue-print for a class without having to actually take it.  What better way to get lots of ideas for how to put a class together than to graze widely on the available syllabi?

This, at least, is how I see it.  Hopefully some of you do too and will appreciate my nascent public syllabus collection. While my private collection is larger (pardon my boasting), these are syllabi that I’ve asked for and received permission to share here.  I’ll start with some of my environmental justice collection and throw in a few other environmental classes for good measure. The collection also has a permanent home under the “Teaching” tab on the menu at the top of this site.  Happy browsing!

Environmental justice classes:

Other environmental classes:

4 thoughts on “Environmental justice syllabus collection

  1. I still have a bunch too. could never bring myself to throw them away. I should give you the syllabi from my Judith Butler and Carlos Munoz classes at Cal for your collection.

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