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  • Forthcoming.  Perkins, Tracy and Lindsey Dillon. “‘Waste-to-Energy’ or ‘Incinerators in Disguise?’ Waste Debates in the Salad Bowl of the World.” Critical Sustainabilities: Analyzing Competing Discourses of Urban Development in Northern California, Miriam Greenberg (ed). Funded by the Humanities Research Institute, University of California.
  • 2014. “The Environmental Justice Legacy of the United Farm Workers of America: Stories from the Birthplace of Industrial Agriculture.” Tales of Hope and Caution in Environmental Justice. The Consortium for Humanities Centers and Institutes, Humanities for the Environment, August 10. Retrieved Dec. 29, 2014 (http://hfe-observatories.org/projects/the-environmental-justice-legacy-of-the-united-farm-workers-of-america-stories-from-the-birthplace-of-industrial-agriculture/)

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  • 2008. “On the Frontlines of the Environmental Justice Movement,” REALEYES (7):19-22.
  • 2005. “More Than Profit,”  LEISA Magazine 21(2):12-13.   (reprinted in Spanish, French and English for regional versions of Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture Magazine).